MK Group was founded with the idea that construction can be done better. 

WE Operate Under 4 Main Principles:

Cohesive Approach
Our core belief is that every project needs the team working together to achieve our goals. It’s this team ethos that ensures our ability to deliver your projects within budget and ahead of schedule while exceeding all expectations.

Smart Constructing
MK Group uses the same tools that revolutionized both manufacturing and supply chain management. This scientific approach with constant feedback loops, made famous as TPS (Toyota Production System) ensures the best possible quality and performance on every project. MK Group also harnesses the ideal LEED Construction methodology in its approach to material procurement, waste management and site logistics.

We believe a key part to the team approach is transparency and we share all subcontracts with the entire team: Architects, Engineers and Ownership. We also keep our communications and project management open at all times.

Team Diversity
The diverse backgrounds of MK Group’s staff is a key factor in our success to date and will be a major force in future growth and success. Our backgrounds in engineering, project management, supply chain management and of course construction, enable us to bring an innovative approach to each construction project.