Using our backgrounds in construction, engineering, project management and supply chain management, we take an innovative approach to each construction project while also providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. We strive to bring industry best practices to all our projects, and in doing so are expanding our client list through referrals and repeat business.











Management Construction Services

Our core belief is every project needs the team working together to get it done. It’s this team ethos that ensures our ability to deliver your projects within budget and ahead of schedule while exceeding all expectations. Using our backgrounds in supply chain management, project management and engineering, we take a 360 degree approach to each project with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

With our diverse in-house skillsets and team leading approach, we will deliver your project through our managed construction platform. This combines general contracting with managed construction services and with this approach we tackle projects aggressively while also looking ahead; anticipating and dealing with potential project road blocks.

Our Construction Services include:

– Competitive and open bid process
– Scheduling
– Procurement programming
– On-site Management and Supervision
– Permitting
– Site Safety Planning
– Submittal Management

– Trade Coordination
– Weekly Meetings
– Logistical Planning
– Environmental Planning
– Quality Control
– Inspections
– Project Close-out and Commissioning

Pre Construction Services

Here at MKG, we feel the most critical time in a project lifespan is between concept and construction. That’s why we offer a wide range of pre-construction services, often at little or no cost to the client.

When given the opportunity to work with the design, engineering and client teams, we can reduce project costs, compact or drastically change the project’s schedule and help manage expectations of all parties.

Upon spending time to get to understand the client’s program requirements, the architectural team’s needs (we are not architects) and engineering mandate, we can offer pre-construction services under the following headings, which are laid out in sequential order:

– Field Conditions Report / Site or Space Review
– Design Review
– Site Logistics
– Templates, Mock-ups & BIM
– Schedule – whole project schedules from design through commissioning
– Budgeting/Estimating
– Value Engineering Analysis
– Long Lead tagging and procurement (direct or assisted)

– Set Formal Bid Process parameters
– LEED support and environmental impact planning
– Project eligibility for federal and state incentives where applicable
– Local Law Compliance
– Filing and Permitting Process
– Review and Present subcontractor bids
– Prepare final budget
– Draft Contacts


Client Representation

The Murphy Kennedy Group provides client representative services for companies and individuals that require a knowledgeable professional to ensure that their interests are being kept in focus throughout the design and build of their project. This service can be invaluable in many situations, allowing our clients to focus on the overall design of their project while we ensure that quality is as high as possible.